transformative coaching

Diana is a certified Calling in "The One" Coach of the highly acclaimed Calling In “The One” 7-week process who is passionate about helping people to create better, more fulfilling lives. She is a transformative educator with over 20 years teaching experience. Diana possesses a deep passion for empowerment and transformation and feels privileged to have worked with hundreds of people, assisting them to break free of the patterns of their past in order to realize the greatest possibilities for their lives.

Diana’s coaching integrates her 20 years of teaching and the deep wisdom of the yogic practice to create a safe, supportive container that facilitates self-discovery and accelerates personal growth and transformation. She fully partners with her clients to identify and release obstacles that have plagued them for years and helps to create a profound opening for the fulfillment of their deepest desires.

If you are a compassionate and responsible person who is committed to your own growth and  development, you will enjoy working with Diana in this transformative work.

One-on-one sessions support and open space for you to:

  1. Release obstacles  from the past that have been holding you back from fully living life

  2. Connect and grow into your truer center

  3. Gain clarity on your vision for life, love, and livelihood

  4. Identify active steps to create your best life

  5. Cultivate new ways of being in life that will bring forth different results to what you may have been experiencing up until this point

  6. Anchor into a committed relationship to yourself as a means to creating truly deep and intimate relationships with others

  7. Practice advanced skills that help any relationship thrive: advanced communication , transparency, living from power center


vision process




It is never:


I want this.


this happen”

It is



do I

have to become

to live




manifest it,


reveal it?”



process then,

is a process



of the


-Michael Beckwith